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Thoughts on framing:

All prints purchased through our fulfillment partner can be be ordered beautifully framed and matted.  To see what the print will look like framed and matted go to the Order Site : 







Click on the print of your choice

Click on the "Add to Cart"  (this does not obligate you to purchase the print ).

Choose the size you wish to order and click on "Add and Go to Cart"

Once there click on " + Frame and Mount"

You will have the ability to view a variety of frame and mat combinations to see how the finished product will turn out as well as the ability to see the price for each combination

When you see the combination that is right for you click  the "Apply" button, or if none of the combinations appeals to you click the "Cancel" button.  Either button will return you to the Shopping Cart at which point you can proceed to Checkout or cancel all together.

If you would rather handle framing yourself, simply order the print unframed.  There are a number of good options out there for framing ranging from custom framing to ready-made frames.  If you wish to go with ready-made frames, please pay attention to the size of the print you purchase.  Some sizes are not as prevalent as others in retail outlets.   "Google" any size offered however and you'll get a host of ready-made frames you can order through the internet to that size.  One tip...we recently discovered that scrapbooking and album cover frames are a perfect 12"x12" square crop.  We picked up about a dozen of them for $5.99 each at  Michael's for promotional giveaways.

Any way you go we're sure you'll  enjoy these remarkable prints.

order site

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